March 2019 edition

In this May edition L’Actu du Mois is dedicated to the extraction of mosaics found in an old building of the ferry terminal, a treasure that the port of Le Havre wishes to preserve.
HAROPA – Durable, takes you to the discovery of the Port of Limay-Porcheville, on the occasion of the signing by the State of a contract in favor of the sector “transformation and recovery of waste”.
The People and Jobs section takes you to the heart of the renovation of the Grand-Couronne grain station as part of the Marine Access Improvement Program.
The Discovery section introduces you to the REEFER sector with a visit to Seafrigo and PlanetPharma, two customers of HAROPA, the leading French port for cold logistics.
In the PANORAMA section discover how HAROPA and its partners want to make rail freight a first-class mode of transport in the near future.