November 2018 edition

In this February edition, L’Actu du Mois (This month’s news) is about the River Fleet Environmental Award. A prize which recognises the most environmentally-friendly boats.
In the ‘Des Hommes et des Métiers’ section (People and Jobs), find out about the simulators at Le Havre and ENSM. Tools on which pilots can constantly practise and anticipate difficult situations.
With HAROPA – Durable (Sustainable HAROPA), follow the biofuel chain at the port of Grand-Couronne. From rapeseed to the latest generation bio-diesel.
The PANORAMA section introduces you to the port of Limay-Porcheville, on the occasion of the signing of a State contract in favour of the ‘waste conversion and recycling’ network.
Découverte (Discovery) explains how HAROPA is preparing for Brexit, in collaboration with the customs services and SOGET.