February 2018 edition

In this September edition, This month’s news brings you details of the first visit to a HAROPA port by an ice-breaking cargo ship which had taken the Arctic route.
In the People and jobs section, discover the floating dock used by the ship repair department at ‘HAROPA – Port de Rouen’, the only structure of this nature on the river Seine between Paris and Le Havre.
The Discovery section brings you details of the Smart Port City project, in other words how ‘HAROPA – Port du Havre’ wants to combine a smart city with a port of the future to transform the Greater Le Havre region.
Panorama showcases the know-how and multi-role function of ‘HAROPA – Port de Rouen’ in the break-bulk and heavy cargo sector on routes to Africa in particular.
In the HAROPA – Sustainable section, find out more about PSMO (Port Seine – Métropole Ouest). This is a project for a multimodal port at the confluence of the Seine and Oise rivers which featured an exemplary consultation process.